Tisano Tea Ice Pops

Summer time is already here and with this warm weather we all start craving for delicious and refreshing treats. Here is our healthy take on Ice Pops.

6 Tbsp of your favorite Tisano Tea.

2 Cups of boiled water.

1 Lemon.

Calorie-free sweetener to taste, i.e. Splenda, Xylitol, Stevia

Ice Pop Molds



First, brew your chosen Tisano (in this case we used Tisano mint cacao tea) at double strength (using twice the leaves you’d normally use).  Strain your tea leaves.

Then, add your preferred calorie-free sweetener – and plenty of it!  (As the tea freezes, it will lose a lot of the sweetness in the flavor.)  Add a bit of citric punch by blending in ingredients like lemon juice.

Once you have the mix ready pour them into the ice pop molds and place them into the freezer, wait 24 hours and Wala… your own delicious guilt free Tisano popsicles.


Tisano tea popsicles

Step 1 – the supplies


Tisano tea strong

Step 2 – brewing a pot of Tisano Mint Cacao Tea


Tisano tea and chocolate ready for popsicles

Step 3 – tested on right side hot cocoa ice pops


tea popsicles ready

Step 4 – ready for freezer


Tisano tea popsicles

Serve and enjoy!

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