Tisano Dark Chocolate Cacao Nibbles pitched to Google

This is how Google’rs get around their campus
Today I am in a competition and fight to the finish against our chocolate colleagues and competitors – TCHO, Vosges Chocolates, Dagoba (owned by Hershey’s) and Ghirardelli (owned by Lindt).
Hands down I can easily call myself the underdog, under manned, underfunded, understocked -up against industry giants.
After three months of talks we have been invited to Google Campus in Mountain View, CA to present our chocolates to over 4,500 Google Employees.
I didn’t realize this food show was going to be this intense all the major brands are here in what some one called the food contract of the year. I flew up this morning, rented a car and showed up with two suitcases of product. Everyone else has full blown booths, booth babes and their VP’s of Sales and VP’ of Marketing present.
Well just wanted to send a few pictures and ask you guys to wish me luck….


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  1. Roderick September 25, 2012 at 14:04 #

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