The perfect gift for mom has been blended!


From ancient Greek times to our days, mankind has constantly tried to reward the most influential beings in our lives: mothers. On their day, some people try really hard to get them the perfect gift. They think mothers need something outrageous as a brand new Wi-Fi enabled oven (like they really want to cook on their own day). Others do not overthink and just run to the nearest shop to get flowers and pre-designed cards. Way to go, champs! She surely won’t complain, because mothers are too generous, but hey, she knows you did not come up with that original Hallmarkish poem.

Although mothers are to be loved all year long and not only every second Sunday of May, on this special date you need to demonstrate that your love is not determined by a material thing but by what that gift represents. What do they really need? You would think I am no expert, but I happen to be a son to an incredible mother back at home.

No one taught mothers to be mothers; they are just natural. For that matter, they deserve to get 100% natural love, with nothing artificial added. They expect your affection to be pure and simple, just like the morning breeze. Let them know your love is certifiable all natural. Turn that love into the equivalent of healthy antioxidants for their minds and bodies. They are –hands down- the greatest beings we will ever meet, so help them keep refreshed, healthy and active, but also stress-free whenever they require to. They deserve at least that! Due to their uniqueness, they want sweetness, but no sugar. Oh, yes, they are one-of a kind and, they definitely deserve one-of-a-kind experience! Give them something that says -and tastes like- “I love you”. If that “I love you” smells like chocolate and roses, they will know you truly mean it.

You might think this is science fiction, but luckily this perfect gift has already been blended. Yes, I am talking about Tisano’s Rose Cacao Tea.

So, on Mother’s Day, do not only give your beloved mom Tisano’s Rose Cacao Tea. Surprise her by making tea for her. She will love the gesture and our tea will always remind her how rich and natural your love is. We know you will also be tempted by the exquisite aroma, but do not worry. Moms are so cool and so intuitive, that they will definitely share with you. They cannot help it. They are mothers. And we cannot help it either. We are Tisano.

Happy Mother’s Day from Tisano!

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