About Us

We began with sourcing and importing the first Organically Certified Cacao from Venezuela and are still involved in every step of the process – from working the harvest with the farmers to loading up the truck, processing the beans into powder, butter and paste, to importing, distributing and direct sales.

While watching our first load of beans gets processed in Venezuela, we were shocked that more than 12% was lost to the thin fibrous outer shell around the bean. While we didn’t know what we would do with them, we were certainly not going to leave them behind after spending over three months in the jungles to get the cacao plant certified organic.

After reading over scores of academic research, we found that the cacao shells absorb a lot of nutrients from the cacao bean and thus contain many similar health properties as the cacao beans themselves. The shell is also very high in magnesium and potassium and Vitamin D and is comprised of 80% insoluble fiber and 20% soluble fiber. So we tried to develop a high fiber substitute.

First, we tried eating the shells and they tasted a lot like chocolate popcorn, maybe slightly more bitter. Then we cooked the shells and they tasted decent, and sort of reminded us of chocolate oatmeal. Finally, we brewed the shells and were amazed! The final infusion was a rich translucent copper and had the decadent chocolate aroma that reminded us of hot cocoa, only more powerful. The first sip was smooth and delicious. The delicate flavors mixed with a touch of tannins at the back of the mouth for a taste that is truly unlike anything else.

This was the first time the shells of the cacao beans were used to make an herbal tea and thus how the first real chocolate tea was born.

Today we are dedicated to sourcing the best cacao and are committed to making the most delicious and rich organic cacao tea you’ve ever tasted!

group of farmers, female farmer, Patrick collecting harvest, Pineda Brother's doing harvest

Patrick and The Ocumare Farmers after a hard days harvest – June 2009, Venezuela

We take great pride in being hands-on and directly involved with every step of the process of harvesting our cacao beans from cooperating with the farmers, importing the beans, processing, and packaging, and of course in helping Tisano Chocolate Tea reach the shelf.

We believe in the personal element. We know the farmers by name, and with them are committed to sustainable farming as well as sustainable living.

Seeing first-hand how hard the farmers work to support their families, we wanted to do everything we could to make sure the farmers were treated fairly and rewarded for their hard work.

We firmly believe that the more profitable and fairly treated the farmers are, the better quality our product will be.

In addition to supporting farming co-operatives with above fair trade prices we also give back 5% to the farming communities themselves as well as socially responsible endeavors, such as The Victor Pineda Foundation.

We are firmly committed to bringing Chocolate Tea, the first real chocolate tea, to the world for the first time while simultaneously affecting change in the farmers’ lives and organizations like the Victor Pineda Foundation to promote the rights of people with disabilities on a global scale.

pictures of sourcing cacao

Tisano’s core business is cacao and cacao derivative products. We also offer our customers other soft commodities and bulk foods including:




Nuts and Dried Fruits

Tisano is a proud member of the following Organizations:

Speciality Food AssociationAVECA FCIACMAA