Organic Cocoa Soap – 3 Pack


Tisano’s Cocoa Soap is a hydrating delicate soap, handcrafted by farmers from real cacao beans. 

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This soap is ideal for face, body, hands and especially amazing as a shaving soap.
The Story behind the cocoa chocolate soap:
In 2009 we began working with a small cacao farming co-op on the tropical mountainous coast of Venezuela. They grew and harvested one of the worlds most premium cacao origins – Ocumare.
For generations they sold the raw material to chocolate makers but always wanted to create a finish product for themselves. Adrian one of the farmers young head strong leaders started experimenting with creating products from their own cacao. They grow their own beans, roast them, then grind them into a paste and finally mix it in with honey, almond oil and extra cacao butter.
In Venezuela it is hard for farmers to be anything else than just farmers and we wanted to support their initiative. Once we tried the soap we instantly became big fans and wanted to share this spectacular product and story with our customers.

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