My friend the Virgin



As a small business entrepreneur I am always looking at ways to get our product and brand out there. Last year at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco I was lucky enough to meet the food and beverage buyers for Virgin America Airlines who seemed to love our product. I was confident Virgin would be a great a platform to get our organic cacao products into the hands of our core demographic. I fly Delta all the time and in their first class cabin they have KORRES moisturizers, which I became addicted to thanks to Delta.

After exhibiting at the show I followed up with all our A-Leads sending a memorable gift basket including a tea pot, a tin of loose leaf cacao tea, a few packets of our organic dark chocolate cacao nibs. The idea was simple; If their not gonna buy your product that’s fine but at least this way they might take your call and from there who knows what can happen. I learnt early on in my film making career, “it’s all about relationships.

So I set out to forge a relationship. I followed up religiously with Virgin and they were in fact interested in our tea bags but unfortunately we weren’t ready to supply such large quantities in the short turn around time they needed. So in the spirit of making and supporting friends I passed on the info of some competitor/colleagues in the tea industry who I felt would be a good fit for Virgin.

Every few months I would follow up and touch base with them. When I had developed a new product for Google, Inc. our 06 gram packets of Organic Dark Chocolate Cacao Nibs I decided to see if they were interested in some samples.

14 months after we had first met I got a handshake deal that Virgin was going to be our newest customer and partner. They were committing to serve Tisano in flight on all their US flights for a limited time over the holidays as part of their Holiday Sandwich Meal.

The lesson here is persistence pays off. We are very proud of our partnership with Virgin and glad that Tisano will be served at 30,000ft.



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