Meet Milenko our Media Ninja…

Milenko Podunavac

Milenko Podunavac visiting the Chuao Farm

Tisano Interview with our Media Ninja:

– What’s your name?

– Milenko Podunavac

– How long have you been working at Tisano?

– I started in January 2014, before that I used to be a writer. Worked for a men’s magazine, food magazine and even wrote 3 Latin America soap operas that aired in the US and South America.

– You have a funny accent, were are you from Milenko?

– Actually, my family is Serbian, but i was born and raised in Venezuela. I spent two years in Orange County so I had a chance to perfect my english there.

– What do you do at Tisano?

– I am in charge of the graphics, design and media library. So if you’ve noticed our recent design changes that’s my work. You can see some of them on our facebook page.

– Do you get to visit the cacao farms?

– I had the opportunity of visit a bunch of them in Venezuela, all of them beautiful and with exotics views, but my favorite has to be Chuao´s Cacao Farm. Not only is the town and farm amazing but the journey is part of the fun. There are no road to get to the town and the only way to get there is by boat. So you have to cross a cloud forest mountain range to get to the the town of Choroni where you get a local fisherman to take you to the valley and villiage of Chuao. Once I get there the tradition and stories of the little town come to life.

– What´s your favorite Chocolate?

– Am i going to get fired if i answer honestly ?

– Hahaha, no seriously what’s your favorite Chocolate?

– I am a kid at heart and have a soft spot for the Kinder Egg with the the toy inside.






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