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Adventures in an international business startup…

The Mantuano Cacao Co-Operative

In June 2009 we co-sponsored an event with a local NGO in Venezuela educating local farmers about the benefits of organic and sustainable farming practices. Back then I was just learning about the cocoa trade and had finished certifying the first processing plant in Venezuela as organically certified and at the event we spoke about […]

Girl bites into chocolate bar

Cocoa / Tea Factor Tops Fluoride at Deterring Decay

Caffeine-cousin found in tea and dark chocolate proves a potent plaque-and-cavity fighter by Craig Weatherby  Honest to gosh, we’re not making this up. Tooth decay is perhaps the most preventable disease plaguing humankind, but there have been few advances in cavity-fighting additives for toothpastes since the end of WW II. But a doctoral student at Louisiana’s Tulane […]

Tisano joins KIVA social micro-lending… free $25 to lend…

When I began sourcing cacao I knew nothing  – absolutely nothing about the realities of farming in the developing world. After two and a half years working hand in hand with our local partners; the farmers, local NGO’s, our organic certifiers and the Ministry of  Agriculture we learnt, hands on, how hard it is for […]

Tisano Dark Chocolate Cacao Nibbles pitched to Google

This is how Google’rs get around their campus Today I am in a competition and fight to the finish against our chocolate colleagues and competitors – TCHO, Vosges Chocolates, Dagoba (owned by Hershey’s) and Ghirardelli (owned by Lindt). Hands down I can easily call myself the underdog, under manned, underfunded, understocked -up against industry giants. […]