Cacao Tea, the healthy alternative for coffee!

Cacao Tea vs Caffeine

There are some questions more common than others when our wonderful customers contact us with inquiries about Tisano Cacao Tea. The most popular by far is how much caffeine does Cacao or Chocolate tea contain.

Cacao tea is caffeine free but it does contain a central nervous system stimulant called theobromine.

This ingredient is a far relative of caffeine and they are nothing alike.  Comparing them it’s like saying that your weird 4th cousin, (that one you only saw a few times while you were growing up and never really understand) and you are similar.

If after this colorful explanation you are still not sure if you should pick Cacao Tea over any drink with caffeine or you are worried about the effect of this “new”  healthier option called on Cacao Tea offers  here you have a short fact list to make your life easier:

Organic Tea in a Cup
Theobromine is …GentleMild effectVery slow onset

Long lasting

50% in the bloodstream after 6-10 hrs

Increases feeling of well being

Mild antidepressant

Smooth and sensual stimulation

Stimulates cardiovascular system

Stimulates muscular system

Mild effect on central nervous system

Almost no one is allergic

Not addictive

No withdrawal symptoms

Mild diuretic

Stimulates the kidneys

Organic Black Coffee in a Cup
Caffeine is …IntenseStrong effectFast acting

Rapid dissipation

50% in the bloodstream after 2-5 hrs

Increases alertness

Increases emotional stress

Jagged, nervous stimulation

Stimulates cardiovascular system

Stimulates respiratory system

Strong effect on central nervous system

Many people are allergic

Physically addictive

Many proven withdrawal symptoms

Extreme diuretic

Requires intake of fluids due to the diuretic effect


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