Roses & Chocolate

Since the 10th century, Persians distilled roses in order to extract their essential oils. The Ancient Persians believed that aside from providing an aesthetic appeal, roses had therapeutic benefits that could help in skincare treatments, aromatherapy, antiseptic as well as used to relax conditions of stress such as nervous tension, peptic ulcers and heart disease, […]

tea popsicles ready

Tisano Tea Ice Pops

Summer time is already here and with this warm weather we all start craving for delicious and refreshing treats. Here is our healthy take on Ice Pops. Ingredients: 6 Tbsp of your favorite Tisano Tea. 2 Cups of boiled water. 1 Lemon. Calorie-free sweetener to taste, i.e. Splenda, Xylitol, Stevia Ice Pop Molds   Directions: First, […]

Cacao Tea vs Caffeine

Cacao Tea vs Caffeine There are some questions more common than others when our wonderful customers contact us with inquires about Tisano Cacao Tea . The most popular by far is how much caffeine does Cacao or Chocolate tea contain. Cacao tea is caffeine free but  it does contains a central nervous system stimulant called […]