Back from China…

Enjoying the view from the Great Wall


China is the future. I feel as a Grain merchant from ptolemys Egypt, thinking that alexandria is the height of civalization and the pharoh power is almighty divine and unquestionable only to land on cesars Rome to sell my wheat and discover unseen sights an spectacles. Running water. Paved roads sewage, transit and trade hubs … The new center of the world.

China under the Ming dynasty centralized standardized modernized and advanced their culture… This rule lead to three hundred years o prosperity and growth. Then in fighting and the west fucked with them. From 1935 till now with the communists in power they again have managed to centralize standardize and modenize for what seems to a planned quantum leap in growth.

The subways, rail, roads, building public services and private business is set up for a futuristic utopian society. Vic there are street bump guides for the blind on every sidewalk in everytown I have been to… Unhindered with dilapidated industrial revolution infrastructure, buildings and mentality they can create a modern state using modern technologies and planned centralized growth to no only support but empower thier masses.

The simple fact is this with the size of the population and the increase in per capita GDP coupled with grain, food, gold and raw material reserves it is hard to envision a scenario where they will not sustain growth.

I am in awe and only reminded by my recent travels to Sao Paulo, Dubai, Mumbai and Santiago that it in the developing world where unforeseen opportunities exist.

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